Warranty Info

If you are experiencing issues with your product, please call our helpdesk(0800 666 866) or e-mail issue details to helpdesk@ncpgroup.co.nz. Please follow the instructions provided by our help desk team.

Warranty :

Our products are covered by a comprehensive warranty and managed end to end by our own service team located at our head office in Auckland New Zealand. Please note that the warranty on our products is not an insurance policy. It is there to cover genuine defects in our products. It does not cover faults that are the result of damage, product modifications, customer added software, or user error. Warranty repairs that meet our warranty conditions and are within the warranty time frame are free of charge.

We can also provide assistance for out of warranty repairs at competitive prices on hardware and technician fees. So if you have damaged your device and want it fixed, please call or email our helpdesk and we can provide a quote on repairing your item.

Refurbished and Factory second products with 12 months warranty.

Size Warranty Duration Warranty Type
19"~31" TV 2Years RTB
32"~39" TV 2Years On-site Pickup
40"~42" TV 2Years On-site Pickup
43"~85" TV 2Years On-site Pickup
Product Warranty Duration Warranty Type
25"-34" Monitor 2 Years RTB
Tablet 1 Year RTB
Audio System 1 Year RTB
DVD Player 1 Year RTB
Party Speaker 1 Year RTB
Mini HIFI 1 Year RTB
Product Warranty Duration Warranty Type
Gaming Chair 1 Year RTB
Wall Mount/TV Mount 5 Years RTB
Product Warranty Duration Warranty Type
Smart Lock 2 Years RTB

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