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Find out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

My brand new TV will not turn on. What am I doing wrong?

For safety reasons, we designed a main power switch on the back of the TV located under the bottom edge. Plug the power cord to AC power plug and switch the main power switch located on the back. You should see the power light in the front panel, so your TV is now ready to turn on with the remote.

There are two different screws in my TV box. Which ones go in which locations?

Inside your TV box is a document which shows an image and details of your TV assembly information. It is very important the correct screws are used in the correct location, as incorrect fitment could cause damage which is not covered by the product warranty. As a general rule of thumb, the shorter of the screw sets are the ones which go into the back of the TV, the longer of the two screw sets are the ones which go from the base into the stand column. If you are unsure and cannot find the documents in your box – please call our service team on 0800 666 866 for assistance before assembling your TV.

Why does my tablet not show as charging?

When the battery has been fully drained it can take some time on charge before the charging indicator comes on. You may need to be patient and wait some time before the charging indicator comes on. In such instances, please fully charge the unit for 5-6 hours to achieve a full charge cycle.

How can I get my product fixed if it is faulty?

Please contact the retailer where you purchased your product and they will make arrangements with us to return your product for servicing. Your retailer has a special process for dealing with repairs quickly and efficiently – in a way that can be tracked. They also have the documentation we need to process the repair. Note: Your item will need to be assessed to ascertain if the fault can be found, and also if the fault is or is not within the terms of the warranty conditions.

My remote is lost or damaged can I get a new one?

We supply replacement remotes for most of our products, please use our contact us section to send us your details (including delivery address) and the model of the product you need a replacement remote for and we will get back to you with price (including freight) and availability.
Customer Support: 0800 666 866 (NZ Toll Free) Sales

My Konka or Konic product is out of warranty or damaged. Can I still get it serviced or repaired?

Everything can be repaired, but it is often a case of cost versus benefit. Please either take your product into the retailer you purchased it from or send us your details through our contact us section and we will make arrangements for its return. We will assess your product and provide you with a quote for the repairs required. Please note that if you do not go ahead with the quoted price on a non-warranty repair there may be an assessment fee charged, this covers the costs of our technicians time to investigate the fault and provide a quote.

How to Install and Set up with Lockly App?

How to Install the Lock Exterior of Lockly Secure Latch Edition?

How to Install Lock Interior of Lockly Secure Latch?

How do I Prepare Door for Installation of Lockly Secure Latch?

How to Change the Interior Handle Orientation of Lockly Secure Latch Edition?

How to Change the Exterior Handle Orientation of Lockly Secure Latch Edition?

Lockly Secure Deadbolt Edition How to Adjust and Install Deadbolt?

Lockly Secure Deadbolt Edition How to Connect to Lockly App and Setup?

Is Lockly waterproof/weatherproof?

The outside portion panel of Lockly is weatherproof. Our smart lock is rated for around -4 degrees Fahrenheit (beyond the freezing point) and up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also water resistant but we do not recommend to use under the direct rain (for example, if your front door does not have an overhang and it is consistently raining).

What do I do if the Initial Code is lost?

It is very important that you keep the Initial Code that was provided to you in your box. If your Initial Code is lost, you won’t be able to reset it as the device has already been paired with an owner.
Please contact Lockly™ support if you have lost your Initial Code. Please provide your name, email address associated with your account, order number and the serial number of your lock (located on top of the battery compartment). If you are the owner of the lock, you will receive an email with the initial code as a 1-time courtesy.
If you are looking to change your master access code, you can go into the App -> Lock Settings -> Change Passcode. (Please be by the lock within Bluetooth distance in order for this to work.)
If a home is sold or someone else moves into a property with one of our locks, we are unable to give out the initial code to that new owner/tenant. It is up to the previous owner/tenant to communicate that code to the new owner/tenant. The Initial Code is like the master key for that lock and we take our customers’ security very seriously.

My fingerprint scanner does not work?

1. Check the cable connector in your lock and make sure that there are no bent pins, which may have happened during installation, and that it is fully inserted into the socket.
2. If the pins are not bent, try a new fresh set of AA batteries.
3. Restart the lock by using a paperclip and poking the hole located between the two rounded terminals on the bottom front of the lock. Press and hold for 5 seconds and you should see the screen restart.
Your fingerprint sensor should work after a restart.
Note: Restart the lock, don’t reset the lock.

Does this work with Alexa, Google, or Siri?

Lockly® Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub can be programmed to work with the voice-activated software of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We are currently working on the addition of Apple’s Siri/HomeKit and hope to integrate capability in the future.

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