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My Konka or Konic product is out of warranty or damaged. Can I still get it serviced or repaired?

Everything can be repaired, but it is often a case of cost versus benefit. Please either take your product into the retailer you purchased it from or send us your details through our contact us section and we will make arrangements for its return.  We will assess your product and provide you with a quote for the repairs required. Please note that if you do not go ahead with the quoted price on a non-warranty repair there may be an assessment fee charged, this covers the costs of our technicians time to investigate the fault and provide a quote.

How can I get my product fixed if it is faulty?

Please contact the retailer where you purchased your product and they will make arrangements with us to return your product for servicing. Your retailer has a special process for dealing with repairs quickly and efficiently – in a way that can be tracked. They also have the documentation we need to process the repair.

Note: Your item will need to be assessed to ascertain if the fault can be found, and also if the fault is or is not within the terms of the warranty conditions.


My brand new TV will not turn on. What am I doing wrong?

For safety reasons, we designed a main power switch on the back of the TV located under the bottom edge. Plug the power cord to AC power plug and switch the main power switch located on the back. You should see the power light in the front panel, so your TV is now ready to turn on with the remote.

There are two different screws in my TV box. Which ones go in which locations?

Inside your TV box is a document which shows an image and details of your TV assembly information. It is very important the correct screws are used in the correct location, as incorrect fitment could cause damage which is not covered by the product warranty.

As a general rule of thumb, the shorter of the screw sets are the ones which go into the back of the TV, the longer of the two screw sets are the ones which go from the base into the stand column.

If you are unsure and cannot find the documents in your box – please call our service team on 0800 666 866 for assistance before assembling your TV.

My remote is lost or damaged can I get a new one?

We supply replacement remotes for most of our products, please use our contact us section to send us your details (including delivery address) and the model of the product you need a replacement remote for and we will get back to you with price (including freight) and availability.

Why does my TV say no signal and will not tune?

Konka TV’s require a Freeview compatible UHF antenna. They will not tune to Freeview off a satellite dish. Please check you have the right type on antenna first.

Next – check that your UHF antenna is plugged into the back of the TV and has a good connection. Check that the plugs and wiring are not damaged. If you are continuing to experience problems you may need to check the condition of the plugs, wiring, and antenna itself on your roof. This may require a trained professional, and we recommend thinking carefully about your own safety before going onto your roof.

Signal strength does vary depending on your location, in many parts of NZ a good Freeview UHF outdoor antenna is required to get a good signal. Obtaining good signal also requires the antenna to be pointed in the correct direction for maximum signal strength. This may require a trained professional, and we recommend thinking carefully about your own safety before going onto your roof.

Tablet or Phone

Why does my tablet not show as charging?

When the battery has been fully drained it can take some time on charge before the charging indicator comes on. You may need to be patient and wait some time before the charging indicator comes on. In such instances, please fully charge the unit for 5-6 hours to achieve a full charge cycle.

Why does my tablet say “Check charge fail” when I plug in the charger(KW1022AK).

This is an indication that the battery is critically low.  Once the unit has been on charging for a few minutes it should clear.  If this message continues to be displayed after fully charging please contact our service department.

Why does my phone goes straight to voicemail?

Our phones only work on the Vodafone and 2Degrees networks. If you are using any other Sim card (e.g Spark) this could be the cause.

If you are using a Vodafone or 2Degrees Sim card and your calls are going straight to Voicemail without ringing please contact your service provider (either Vodafone or 2Degrees) to change your call settings.

Why is my Tablet keyboard is not working(KW1022AK)?

Please ensure the tablet set up process has been completed before plugging in and using the keyboard.  The keyboard software is installed during the set up so it will not work until this set-up is completed.


Why does my stereo not play from the USB drive?

On some models it is necessary to remove the CD from the drive in order for the USB to work.

Why does my trolley Hi FI make a hissing sound?(KTS-9377)

This can occur when the battery is low and you turn up the volume, this is not a speaker fault but an indication that you need to charge the battery.

Why does my Trolley HiFi not charge?(KTS-9377)

Please make sure that it is switched to “AC on” as it has to be on this setting to charge.

Why do the lights on the smaller speakers only work intermittently?(KTS-9377)

These are activated by certain pitches of sound therefore are not active continuously.

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